Terms & Conditions for Guest Room Reservations

1. Guesthouse Reservations & Cancellations: 

1.1 Upon the acceptance of a reservation MESóN HIDALGO shall require a deposit of 25% of the booking in order to retain the room. At the time of booking or check in, we will take a debit/credit card details and authorize the card for the total amount of your stay. We shall also reserve the right to require full payment in advance in certain circumstances or if the booking includes the supply of certain items or services. 

1.2 The deposit is non-refundable except in the case of cancellation by MESóN HIDALGO for the reasons contained in clause 1.7. 

1.3 Acceptance of a reservation, whether verbally or in writing, followed by the deposit payment shall create a legally binding contract between MESóN HIDALGO and the Guest from whom the reservation has been accepted. 

1.4 The number of people occupying a room must not exceed the number stated. 

1.5 In the event of late cancellation of any reservation or non-arrival by the Guest, the Guest will be liable to pay MESóN HIDALGO a cancellation fee equivalent to the total cost of the Guest’s intended stay. A late cancellation is one which has been communicated to MESóN HIDALGO by letter or e-mail less than 48 hours prior to the date of the Guest’s first night of accommodation. You will receive a cancellation number, which should be put in the letter along with the name of the receptionist you cancelled with. 

1.6 MESóN HIDALGO reserves the right to cancel a reservation forthwith and without liability on its part, in the event of damage or destruction by fire or other causes, or any other cause beyond the control of MESóN HIDALGO which could prevent it from performing its obligations in connection with any reservation. In such an event the Hotel will refund the deposit made but will have no further liability to the Guest. 

1.7 Where the Guest gives credit card details to MESóN HIDALGO in order to secure a reservation or to make a deposit payment then it is agreed between the parties that in the event of a cancellation MESóN HIDALGO may debit the Guest’s credit card with the full amount of the cancellation as set out in clause 1.5 less an allowance for any deposits or payments already received. 

2. Payment: 

Payment of the bill for accommodation, food and other services will be made prior to departure from MESóN HIDALGO. 

3. Occupancy: 

3.1 Occupancy will be from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival to 12:00 noon on the day of departure, unless special arrangements are agreed to in advance. 

3.2 MESóN HIDALGO is an adults-only guesthouse. No child under the age of 18 is permitted to stay night without written permission for rules exception by MESóN HIDALGO ownership.

4. Rates & Prices: 

4.1 All final rates for accommodation & prices for services will include taxes. 

4.2 All rate & price increases resulting from Government regulations. Local taxes and charges will re-charge to the Guest. 

5. Loss or Damage of Guests Property: 

5.1 MESóN HIDALGO does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any cash, jewelry, clothing or personal property during your stay. Personal room safes are provided for these items.

5.2 MESóN HIDALGO is not responsible for loss or damage of property lost within the guesthouse or retail areas. The safety and protection of one’s person and belongings including pets, remains the responsibility of said person and not MESóN HIDALGO, it’s ownership or staff.

6. Loss from or Damage to Guesthouse Property: 

6.1 Upon deposit Guests automatically indemnify MESóN HIDALGO for any loss from or damage to MESóN HIDALGO or the furnishings and equipment caused by the willful act or default of the guest, persons or animals within their control. 

6.2 The Guest will be liable to pay on demand the amount required to rectify the damage caused, or replacing any items missing from MESóN HIDALGO. 

6.3 If in the opinion of MESóN HIDALGO the Guest or anyone staying with the Guest is not suitable to continue their occupation because of unreasonable behavior, damage or nuisance to other parties, MESóN HIDALGO is entitled to treat their contract as at an end and the Guest may be asked to vacate their room. The Guest will still remain liable for the whole cost of the reservation. 

7. Complaints: 

7.1 If the Guest has a complaint concerning any aspect of the services provided by MESóN HIDALGO then it is the duty of the Guest to inform MESóN HIDALGO immediately, or as soon as is reasonably practical and in any event before the termination of the stay. 

7.2 It is specifically agreed between the parties that the failure by the Guest to notify MESóN HIDALGO of any complaint in accordance with the time scale set out in clause 7.1 will entitle MESóN HIDALGO to refuse to entertain the complaint, irrespective of the merits of the complaint. 

8. General Points: 

8.1 The Guests will not arrange for delivery of or deliver any goods or materials to MESóN HIDALGO without prior arrangement with management at MESóN HIDALGO. 

8.2 The Guest will not store or place on the perimeter or in MESóN HIDALGO any inflammable, combustible, or objectionable substances or liquids. 

8.3 MESóN HIDALGO has a strict no smoking policy in the bedrooms and public areas and courtyards. Any breach of this policy with automatically result in a $90 minimum charge being made (in respect of cleaning etc.) from the credit or debit card supplied by the guest as security when the booking was made. 

9. Waiver: 

9.1 The Failure of MESóN HIDALGO to enforce or exercise, at any time or for any period or any right pursuant to this Agreement does not constitute and will not be construed as a waiver of such term or right. 

10. Legal Provisions:

10.1 The Guest agrees that the contract with MESóN HIDALGO is made at the GUESTHOUSE premises and that any proceedings between the parties shall be conducted in the Country Court nearest to MESóN HIDALGO.

11. Clause Headings: 

11.1 Clause headings are for convenience only and do not form part of or affect the interpretation of this Agreement. 

12. Force Majeure: 

12.1 The Company accepts no liability and will not pay any compensation where the performance of its obligations is prevented or affected directly or indirectly by or as a result of force majeure or any circumstances beyond its Reasonable control including, but not limited to, flood, earthquake, extreme adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, fire or failure of electric power, gas, water, or other utility service, Plant machinery, computers, vehicles or any collapse of building structures. 

13. Guest Behavior: 

13.1 You must not:

– Bring any potentially dangerous or hazardous materials or equipment onto the Guesthouse or into Guestrooms.

– Use any electrical appliances that may set off fire alarm system, such as toasters, mini cookers or portable grills; tamper with any fire alarms or emergency equipment.

– Utilize any Hotel rooms to store items (personal or otherwise) which could in our sole opinion cause damage to any Guestroom, or be a risk to the health and safety of our staff or property 

– Prevent our management, housekeeping and/or maintenance staff from having access to your room as and when required, with housekeeping being permitted full access at least once every two days.

13.1 Guests are requested to conduct themselves appropriately at all times and to comply with Company procedures and/or requests with regard to conduct and respect for the property of MESóN HIDALGO, its employees and guests and their health and safety. Guests are requested not to disrupt the comfort and enjoyment of other guests, the smooth running of MESóN HIDALGO, or cause offence to other guests or our members of staff. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation or services or remove you and members of your party from MESóN HIDALGO if, in our reasonable opinion, we consider this provision to have been breached. Where this is the case shall have no obligation to refund you for lost accommodation, other services or any other loss or expense incurred. 

14. Guesthouse Events: 

14.1 Please be aware that at certain times throughout the year MESóN may host events, parties or workshops in the retail and public areas of the Guesthouse –  which you may feel would be an intrusion on your break. Please contact MESóN HIDALGO directly in advance of your stay for further information on the schedule of these events.

15. Website Information: 

15.1 MESóN HIDALGO cannot accept responsibility in errors or omissions and reserve the right to cancel, amend or vary details featured on their website without notice. The information contained in this website is provided with good faith. The use of any information from the website is entirely at the risk of the user. MESóN HIDALGO will not be liable for any costs, losses, expenses or damages (without direct or indirect, special, economic or financial) that may be incurred through the use if any information in this website or in any other website linked to this website.

16. Pets:

In all cases, a guest must give advance notice when booking their stay & requesting the pre-approval of the admittance of their pet or service animal to accompany them in the guestrooms of MESóN HIDALGO. Service animals are welcome at Meson Hidalgo. MESóN HIDALGO in all cases is entitled to withhold its consent at all times and without being required to state any grounds. For any approved pet brought into the hotel, an additional deposit fee shall be paid whose level shall be notified by MESóN HIDALGO to the Guest on his/her notification. The pet deposit fee will be refunded post final guestroom inspection upon the checkout of said guest & their pet if no damage has occurred.

17. Car parking: 

We cannot guarantee that any car parking space(s) will be available for you, you may use any vacant space on the street where MESóN HIDALGO is located.